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10 Best Apps for Rooted Android devices 2018:

Many of us have rooted there phone to enhance their phone’s full performance and power.After the phone is rooted, you get some new features in the phone and you have the ability to fully customize your phone.Then you need some specialized applications for your rooted phone. Today we will talk about those applications.If you came to this post thinking about those applications, you can get help from here.While using these applications, you should always have a say in your mind that you are working with full access to your phone. So a small mistake can break your phone.If your android device breaks out of the use of these applications, then the Tactical-World will not be responsible.

Here are some special applications for your rooted Android devices that you can use on your rooted phone.

1. Flashify:  
This app is extremely useful application that will be able to flash custom recoveries in your Android. Using it, you can flash an assortment of recovery, download ROM, flash zip record, complete android backup and more.

2. Lucky Patcher:
Lucky Patcher Hack A Simple and Awesome App Android Apps and Root Device Games. But sometimes, it can cause system unstable and data loss. … Lucky Patcher means some kind of hack one of the best apps for ads deleted and rooted devices to get applications for full version.

3. Titanium Backup:
Titanium backup has been one of the most popular applications on the market for some time, and for good reason. This is your most important application backup, your system backup and even your phone can use WiFi passwords.

4. Xposed Framework:
The Xposed Framework is a framework for your root Android phone, it does not have much of its own, but it lets you install other apps / modes / system-level functionality without customizing it with custom recovery.
5. Greenify:
This is one of the best applications that solves the biggest problem of all Android clients, which is the battery dredging problem. This app stores all applications that are not currently running and which stores the amount of consumables consumed by consumables.

6. Quick Boot: 
Fast boot is an application that is oddly in many versions of Android, you can stop or reboot your device. With a quick reboot, you can reboot into the bootloader, restore, or download mode.

7. Rom manager
RAM manager is an application that best fits your device’s memory according to your needs. If you want to get more free memory available or more running applications and thus opt out or play multitasking, you can choose to keep good balance in free memory or free. The RAM manager reduces latency due to the increased speed, resolves the problem with multitasking, slow running between running applications and newer and less performance. Simply put it keeps your device running and boosts performance in all aspects.

8. Link2SD
Link2SD is an application manager that makes it easy for Android 2.0+ users to remove apps on their SD card in their phone. It enables you to easily manage your apps and storage. Link2SD is a free  application. You can upgrade ads to Link2SD Plus and get additional features.

9. Nandroid Manager
Well Nandroid Manager is the ultimate tool for managing all of your nandroid backups! With Nandroid Manager you can recover data from your nandroid such as apps + data, text messages, call logs and more! … This app needs to root your device and your Boston needs to be installed!

10.System App Remover :
System App Remover is a great tool for deleting system apps It lets you free up space and clear your device as an unnecessary apps as quickly and easily as possible.
11. Boot animation:
Boot animation lets you choose from hundreds of custom-loaded animations installed on your root device. A boot animation is a loading animation that is played when your device starts. Root access is required and your device must be compatible to install custom boot animations.

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